Seeking your next big move?  Meander a bit.

My goal as a coach is to meet you exactly where you are, which includes the moments when you don’t know where you are.  In my coach training, life was compared to a game of cards.  When you know what you want, you are playing your hand.  But this state of play is preceded by two important phases: shuffling and dealing.  When we are shuffling, we are working on a vision for our next chapter in a particular area of our lives, be it professional or personal.  This phase is marked by questioning ourselves, reconsidering past agreements, and feeling very unsure of how to proceed.  We are meandering.  It is through this period of discernment that we formulate a vision.  We begin to understand our purpose in a new way.  We recognize our strengths, follow our curiosity, make new connections.  To get to the new vision, it’s important to meander awhile: to try things on, change our minds, and switch directions as needed.  It might feel like we’re not making progress, but clarifying our vision at this phase is what sets us up for success in the next phases of dealing the cards and playing our hand in life.  Are you meandering?  I’m happy to meet you there.