Performance Coaching

I help leaders with big ideas for themselves and their communities to connect vision and values to goals in order to achieve exceptional results

You have the answers. I help you find them.

With Well Beyond you will color
  • Think strategically with focused action toward goals
  • Leverage the resources that already exist around you
  • Let go of worry, self-doubt, and fear that get in the way of you moving forward
  • Discover relief from procrastination and avoidance
  • Move effortlessly and enthusiastically through your projects
  • Create stronger, more fulfilling relationships to help get things done
  • Explore self-limiting patterns and remove blocks that are holding you back
  • Shift to positive energy that will unlock your potential and help you fulfill your goals and dreams

One on One Coaching

  • 9 one-hour individual sessions over 3 months
  • Customized goals tracking measurable change for each session

Group Coaching

  • Meet with 4 – 6 peers for 9 one-hour sessions over 3 months
  • Enjoy the same benefits of one on one coaching at a cost savings and with the added support of peers

Team Coaching

  • One on one and group sessions over 3 months
  • Customized to improve the performance of your team

Core Energy Coaching ™

  • Take the Core Energy Index Assessment through IPEC Coaching
  • Translate results into improved performance
Testimonials color

"Carolyn is one of the few people I’ve met who truly appreciates how work and life are one in the same for certain people like me. Not in the “workaholic” sense, but the idea that everything you do with your time is in service of some higher order goal. The more integrated that goal, the better. She made clear at the outset that her coaching is “not therapy, and not advice”. I know the answers, and her job is guide me to them. I am grateful for the chance to work with Carolyn to sharpen my vision and feel okay about prioritizing myself and what I want out of life."

Adrian Colarusso


"My sessions with Carolyn were really wonderful - whether it was the background of different scientific concepts, new mediation practices, or practical ways to incorporate positive psychology into daily routines, I feel like I gained so much. She was great at structuring the sessions and adjusting based on whatever I was most interested in exploring. She's both very knowledgeable and very compassionate!"


Theater Producer

"Carolyn is an amazing Facilitator! She provided four targeted virtual sessions with my Senior Team. The sessions were very engaging, and they helped us develop useful strategies in work-life balance, team building, stress management relaxation exercises and positive thinking techniques."

Tay Walker

CEO, Princeton YWCA