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Positive emotion. Strong relationships. Engagement. Meaning. A sense of accomplishment. The formula for a flourishing life.

Core Beliefs

  • Apr 24, 2020

    It is every individual's birthright to lead a flourishing life with loving relationships, meaningful work and enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures

  • Apr 24, 2020

    We are all born with a unique set of signature strengths to share with the world

  • Apr 24, 2020

    Our natural state is one of health and wellbeing

  • Apr 24, 2020

    We are capable of transformative growth, healing and positive change at any time in our lives

Well Beyond meets you on your journey of wellbeing with customized services designed with your input.


Choose from a menu of offerings including:

  • Receive a personalized character strength profile by taking the Values In Action character survey
  • Understand how to practice with and apply character strengths in everyday life to improve wellbeing and strengthen resilience
  • Understand how the combination of Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment creates a life of flourishing
  • Learn how to monitor your wellbeing with the PERMA-Profiler (Butler & Kern, 2016)
  • Reflect on past challenges to understand them in a new light that celebrates your personal assets and builds psychological resources for the future
  • Create a personal narrative, written or recorded, that you can be proud of, that will be a legacy for your family, and that can spur a new vision for your future
  • Learn how the body provides critical information for the mind to understand life circumstances and support good choices
  • Develop a meditation and relaxation practice that can lower stress, improve health and renew energy
  • Discover simple and easy to use tools to create high quality connections in your work and personal life
  • Leverage positive psychology concepts like character strengths to support collaboration, cooperation and teamwork at work and at home
  • Understand how concentrated effort helps us to silence our inner critic that holds us back
  • Practice finding flow state to catapult progress toward goals
  • Learn how mindset about the future can shape the outcome of activities and influence relationships
  • Discover ways to imagine positive outcomes for important aspects of your life
  • Benefit from yoga instruction tailored to meet your physical, mental and emotional needs
  • Reap the rewards of establishing a regular yoga practice, including improved physical and mental health, greater sense of calm and peace and deeper connection to your inner being
  • Learn to calm the nervous system through breath work and gentle movement

The Process

In group and individual sessions, as well as workshops and retreats, we share the theory and research on wellbeing principles in an interactive style that encourages discussion and practice with new concepts. We complement the intellectual work of learning psychological concepts and practice with gentle yoga practices to help individuals to strengthen the mind-body connection and develop ways to calm the body and focus the mind in everyday life. We offer simple self-monitoring tools that are easy for individuals to use and track their wellbeing over time. In group settings, sharing with fellow participants is encouraged beyond the sessions, with the goal of creating lasting friendships to support continued personal growth.

We share knowledge and offer tools for wellbeing in a way that serves you best:


One-hour sessions offered as a stand-alone training or multi-week course


Multi-day programming to explore tools for wellbeing more deeply

Individual Consultation

Curated for your individual intentions for personal growth and wellbeing