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Coaching is a designed alliance between coach and client that helps bring out the best in the client

and helps the client create and live the life they want to live.

I help leaders, entrepreneurs and people with big ideas for their lives to connect vision, values and mission to goals to achieve exceptional results.

I combine my expertise in positive psychology, the science of resilience and thriving, and a unique coaching approach that focuses on creating positive energy for change when I work with clients. 

The idea is that when we feel good, we function better.  And functioning better leads to more creative problem-solving and greater resilience, the capacity to persevere through challenges.


Character Strength-building




Retrospective Growth & Healing


Mindfulness Practice


Strengthening Relationships


Increasing Productivity & Engagement 


Cultivating Hope & Optimism




Individuals and teams who are ready for positive growth and results in their work and lives



Social Change Makers

People with big ideas

People making life transitions

Who We Serve

Our services are for anyone seeking positive change and greater well-being.


Corporations & Businesses

Social Service Agencies

Academic Institutions

Yoga Studios

Posts for going Well Beyond

Evidence-based strategies for resilience and growth

Trauma, loss, healing and growth

In several recent group sessions, I have presented about the idea of post-traumatic growth, pioneered by psychologists Richard Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun in the 1990’s.  Post-traumatic growth is an alternative…

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Gratitude as an antidote for negative mood

Two months ago I started a daily gratitude practice.  I made this commitment because thinking intentionally about gratitude has not come naturally to me.  Growing up I did not really…

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Remember to breathe

The most readily-available treatment for anxiety is our breath.  It is also the least expensive intervention and has no adverse side effects.  So why is it so hard to utilize…

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I worked with Carolyn during her tenure as Executive Director at Arm In Arm. As a consultant bringing positive psychology practices to her team, I was impressed by Carolyn’s openness and willingness to embrace new ways of managing to transform her staff culture. Over several years, I witnessed the positive impact of her efforts to empower her staff and to create a collaborative, cooperative and creative work environment. With her MAPP education, Carolyn is well-equipped to help other organizations to do the same. - Robert Rosales, MAPP, LEAD Academy | Positive Leadership Consultancy

Carolyn is an amazing Facilitator! She provided four targeted virtual sessions with my Senior Team. The sessions were very engaging, and they helped us develop useful strategies in work-life balance, team building, stress management relaxation exercises and positive thinking techniques.

Positive Psychology was a new technique for my team and I. Carolyn took the time to get to know all of our team members, and she met us all where we were. We engaged in four sessions with Carolyn over a five-week period. We all loved it, and we were sad, when our last session ended. - Tay Walker, CEO, YWCA Princeton

My sessions with Carolyn were really wonderful - whether it was the background of different scientific concepts, new mediation practices, or practical ways to incorporate positive psychology into daily routines, I feel like I gained so much. She was great at structuring the sessions and adjusting based on whatever I was most interested in exploring. She's both very knowledgeable and very compassionate! - individual client

As the leader of an organization, I have many responsibilities and am pulled in many directions. Carolyn serves as my guardrails and keeps me on track! - Marion Reinson, Executive Director, Eating For Your Health