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Sharing practices from leading-edge research in positive psychology with the compassion and understanding of a yoga teacher.

Renewal, new life and transformation

Well Beyond’s flower, Colchicum, or the autumn crocus, is a symbol of renewal and personal transformation

Often the first flower to bloom in the spring, the crocus is a sign in many cultures of rebirth and resurrection, as the world comes back to life after a long winter.

A close look-alike of the crocus, Colchicum is often referred to as “autumn crocus,” because it blooms in the fall. In contrast to its spring-blooming cousin and the association with passage into adulthood, Colchicum can be a symbol of rebirth and renewal at a later phase of life. By analogy, it can be a sign of great hope and inspiration for those of us who are in a challenging time that so often precedes personal transformation.


Meet Carolyn Biondi, MAPP, MSW, RYT

Carolyn is imbued by a lifelong passion for learning about herself and finding a path to wellbeing. She majored in psychology at Dartmouth College and received a master’s degree in social work from the University of Chicago, where she received a fellowship in maternal and child health from the U.S. Department of Human Services. For three decades of her career, she worked in nonprofit organizations supporting families in impoverished communities and helping them to overcome the challenges that go hand in hand with living in poverty. Designing and managing programs and later leading a $2 million agency, she was always guided by the question, “How do communities come together to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to thrive?”

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From my personal journey to yours

Like trees that appear lifeless in the winter, but are simply preparing themselves to blossom in the spring, people go through internal periods of preparation before growth and thriving appears on the outside. Having the support of someone who understands this process can not only ease the passage, but accelerate it into flourishing. My journey has been one of slowly unearthing and bringing forth my power and self-expression. After many miles traveled, I believe that I have much to share about finding one’s personal power that can be of help to others.