“If you are scared to lose, then that’s where things fall apart” – Taylor Fritz

Yesterday I posted about overcoming the fear of failure. Later in the day, while watching the docuseries Break Point, I heard American tennis pro Taylor Fritz comment about his early loss at the 2022 U.S. Open, “I’m playing too much not to lose. Not playing enough to win. If you are scared to lose, then that’s where things fall apart.” What a profound observation.

If you are trying to do something big and bold, there is ample opportunity to feel afraid. But fear does not serve us. It changes the way we perceive our environment and the opportunities available to us. We think smaller. We focus on the dangers and threats and imagine negative outcomes.

So make a conscious choice: act with courage and belief in yourself, not out of fear of failure. Remember why you are pursuing goal – hopefully, because you want to! You may notice an immediate shift in the way that you feel: lighter, less tense. Breathe deeply and feel your mind open up. Now you are on the path to success. Repeat often and as necessary.